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These are the steps to complete your tax return:

1. Go to the "Organizer page"  and fill out the tax organizer that applies to your situation. Send the completed organizer, tax documents to Aircrew Taxes. New clients also have to include previous years tax returns.

2.  Client makes payment with credit card, check, or refund transfer.

3.  Aircrew Taxes processes all relevant tax information.

4. Aircrew Taxes contacts client to resolve questions and discrepancies
and discuss possible deductions.

5.  Aircrew Taxes finalizes tax return and e-mails return to client.

6.  Client reviews return and contacts Aircrew Taxes with any changes to
tax return.

7. Aircrew Taxes updates tax return and e-mails updated return to client with E-file authorization form.

8.  Client signs Form 8879 E-file Authorization and faxes to Aircrew Taxes.

9.  Aircrew Taxes e-files client tax return.

Please note:

1.  New Clients may send tax returns from up to three previous tax years for a missed deductions review.

2.  Send copy of tax documents as listed in the tax organizer,  
no originals please.

3.  If you have a small business please download and complete the small business worksheet by clicking on the  "Small Business or Self Employed Worksheet"
. Send also business related 1099 income statements designated as income
for the business.

Click Here for Small Business or Self Employed Worksheet.
4.If you have rental real estate please download and complete the rental real estate worksheet" by clicking on the "Rental Real Estate Worksheet" below. Send also any 1099 income statements and 1098 mortgage interest statements designated as income
and  mortgage interest for rentals.
Click Here for Rental Real Estate Worksheet..

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