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We prepare Pilot and Flight Attendant tax returns

At Aircrew Taxes we prepare tax returns for clients in the airline industry.  We also provide tax planning and tax strategies for our clients.  If you require a solution to a complex tax problem, we can resolve it.  We have extensive knowledge in the area of individual taxation for pilots and flight attendants. Additionally we are specialists in preparing schedules for rental real estate and small businesses. 

Why should you use Aircrew Taxes to prepare your tax return over other individual tax preparers?

We engage in countless hours of research and training to stay abreast of the ever evolving tax issues facing aviation professionals. This enables us to prepare an accurate tax return while maximizing your tax deductions.  Unlike other tax firms we use a personal approach to search for your airline crew tax deductions based on your unique situation.  After 15 years as a commercial airline pilot and a Certified Public Accountant C.P.A., our founder has first-hand knowledge about the tax issues confronting airline professionals. Although you may find other firms specializing in tax preparation for airline professionals, we believe our expertise in federal taxation and specifically employee deductions allows us to find the deductions that are frequently overlooked. We look at each client’s personal situation individually, and this approach allows us to identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability. We save our clients’ money using a cost-benefit approach to tax planning and tax preparation.  Our objective is to increase your refund while reducing your exposure to an IRS audit. 

Why is Aircrew Taxes more knowledgeable about tax issues that confront airline professionals than other individual tax preparers?

We believe the following credentials, experience and education is important to understand the tax issues involved in preparing tax returns for pilots and flight crews:

Certified Public Accountant
Master's of Taxation
Commercial Airline Pilot
Experience in a public accounting tax department
Twenty years experience preparing tax returns

Many tax preparers are enrolled agents approved by the IRS without a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) designation.  To become a C.P.A., an individual is required to pass a two day certification exam, and meet certain state educational requirements which are usually the equivalent of bachelor's or master's degree in accounting.  An additional requirement in most states is two years of working experience in public accounting or five years of experience in industry.  With the extensive federal tax law and fifty different possible states of residency, education is crucial.  Very few individual tax preparers will have a C.P.A. designation, Master's of Taxation, and experience in tax consulting with a national public accounting firm.  

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Experts at Aircrew Taxes
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At Aircrew Taxes we prepare tax returns for clients in the airline industry.  We also provide tax planning and tax strategies for our clients.
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